Since 2003 I've been working for the people of Tunbridge Wells; for ten months as a CCTV operator and for the remainder as an Anti-social Behaviour Co-ordinator and Community Safety Officer.

The eighteen years prior to my civil service I was an IT monkey; working first on mainframe computers when desktop computing was a thing of the future, and finally on desktop computers when mainframe computing was a thing of the past. Well, ok, mainframes have not yet gone the way of the dinosaurs.

Now, in my free time, I do Drupal.


A Content Management System (CMS) allows end users to add and edit website content with little or no programming or coding knowledge.

Currently at version 7, Drupal is one of the most configurable, flexible and scalable CMS's.

Drupal has also been called ponderous, which is not an unfair criticism, but that's for the webmaster to worry about.

Currently, the biggest challenge is providing the client with a robust and flexible editing experience that provides for modern multimedia needs. It's almost there, but it can still prove to be quite a challenge for a developer to provide the client with a user-friendly and all-encompassing editing solution. But then again, Drupal is free, open source and I heart it.